LotusPearl - super hydro

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LotusPearl - super hydro

High-performance material for durable easy-to-clean coatings

LotusPearl, our product family for long lasting super hydrophobic coatings. You will find a variety of materials with different properties in terms of hydrophobic, oleophobic and easy-to-clean properties.

Coatings with LotusPearl_basic provide contact angles from 108-110°. The smoothness (surface energy) of the product surface as well as the contact angle is adjustable by the choice of material within the LotusPearl family. The coating thickness of LotusPearl coatings is in the range of a view nanometer, it shows no optical properties and allows the coating of optical lenses like eyeglass lenses, displays, and other optical lenses, which get in contact with the environmental to protect them from any impacts.

The best performance of LotusPearl coatings will be achieved on an oxidic surface. For example, a SiO2 layer as a finishing layer of a anti reflex coating design would be a perfect surface to coat on, also mineral glass and other surfaces are coatable.

The application of LotusPearl takes place in a vacuum-based thermal evaporation system. It is possible to evaporate the material in a PVD coating system, but an ion source or a plasma source is required. For more flexibility, we are recommending our special designed LPC System  that gives you many options for different optical lenses. It would be a pleasure to assist you to find the perfect fitting material and coating process. Please get in contact with us.

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