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PVD materials

The full range of products for thin films

Professional service and quality, purity and supply availability are the characteristics we focus on. Continuing material analyses guarantee highest purity and your satisfaction.

Our raw materials are selected from qualified mines and regions, so we assure the consistantly high quality of our evaporation materials. By using extensive conditioning processes like melting, and special sintering methods we are able to provide high purity oxides, fluorides, metals and sulfides. Beside standard granules, we also provide a large variety of pills, wires, powders and special shapes.

You will find the most common material dimensions and shapes on the following pages, please select from the left schedule. We are always pleased to develop new customized solutions together with you to improve your coatings. Please contact us for further details.

On request, we also provide quality demonstration records such as material certificates, data sheets and field reports from satisfied customers from different industries for example precision optics, ophthalmics or large area coating.

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