PVD Spare Parts

PVD Spare Parts

Spare and wear parts you can trust in

You can count on our PVD accessories. Our widespread spectrum on spare and wear parts for all common PVD systems provide the highest quality for challenging process management. Long durability and perfect function will raise your process stability.

Independent of the original equipment and system manufacturer we produce and sell high quality components for PVD evaporation systems, pumps, e-beam evaporators, ion sources and thermal evaporators. Furthermore we provide handmade oscillating crystals for specific rate control, calotte segments and accessories for Leybold APS sources.

Finally yet importantly, a variety of different silicon and mineral oils for vacuum pumps perfect our product range.

An international network of specialized and skilled producers, labs, and raw material suppliers  perfect our own production facilities and give us the chance to provide an extensive product portfolio to our customers. In cooperation with our customers and suppliers we also look for customized solutions, tailored to your needs.

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