Electron Beam Gun

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E-beam cathodes

Tungsten cathodes for e-beam guns

For the production of our cathodes, we use only the best quality tungsten wires. In certified production processes, we  manufacture these filaments in Germany. Based on this we can ensure the best electron emission properties and high durability and reliability. Finally, it's in our interest to avoid any problems caused by our cathodes.

Item No. Name e-beam gun System
30000 U6G cathode ESV6 Leybold U-shape bent
30001 U6L cathode ESV6 Leybold spiral U-shape straight
30002 S6 cathode ESV6 Leybold S-shape
30003 L14cathode ESV14 Leybold straight
30004 W14 cathode ESV14 Leybold 90° offset
30005 U110 cathode ESQ110 Balzers U-shape/cut
30006 U110 cathode ESQ110/113 Balzers U-shape/cut/sharp ends
30007 U6/8 cathode EVM6 & 8 Balzers/Ferro Tec spiral U-shape
30008 U295 cathode 295 Telemark/Temescal spiral U-shape
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